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❤️ WhatsApp Emoji meaning Symbol Emoji ♻️

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A red heart emoji symbolise infinite love and passion.
A yellow heart emoji symbolise someone is happy and optimistic, stand for joy in life.
A green heart emoji symbolise hope of reconciliation and expression of friendship.
A blue heart emoji symbolise deep friendship and loyalty between them.
A black heart emoji symbolise dark and twisted sense of humour. Also use to express greed and sorrow.
A purple heart emoji symbolise sexuality.
Pink growing heart emoji symbolise increasing and growing feeling.
A decorative heart emoji represent love, attention and affection.
A heart with exclamation mark is a gesture comes from heart i.e I love you.
Revolving heart emoji around each other represent the love between two people.
The vibrating heart emoji is used to convey love or also use as symbol to Indicate baby on way.
The red broken heart emoji shows that person is unhappy or broken from inside.
Two pink heart close together means someone has strong feelings for you.
A sparkling heart emoji represent that someone is doting at you.
A heart emoji with arrow shows a dart through the heart.
This emoji is a warning sign shows that person is angry.
White flower emoji use to shows that very well done.
The hot spring represent that person wants to relax with you or let go for swimming.
The emoji with cross marks over 18 is symbol for adults i.e below 18 is not allowed for that.
The emoji with cell phone with cross represent that phone is not allowed.
The emoji with walking and cross mark over is a sign that their is no pedtrian walk is not allowed.
This symbol represent Hindu religious and called as 'om'.
This symbol represent Muslim religious and called as 'chand'.
The kneeling person under a roof emoji symbolise a place for prayer.
The emoji carrying with nine candle is light at Jewish Chanukah festival.
A zodiac sign( 21 March-19 April) is Aries sign and people with these are dynamic and spontaneous and dominant partner in love.
A zodiac sign( 21 April-20 May) is Taurus sign and people with these are no need tell them what to do and have a good taste for beautiful things
A zodiac sign( 19 January-18 February) is Aquarius sign and people with these are kind.
A zodiac sign( 21 may-20 june) is Gemini sign and people with these are gentle,helpful and modest.
A zodiac sign( 23 july-22 August) is leo sign and people with these are kind, self assured and generous.
A zodiac sign( 22 August-23 September)is virgo sign and people with these know what they want and how to achieve it.
A zodiac sign( 23 September-23 October) is Libra sign and people with these are Diplomatic, balanced and harmony.
A zodiac sign( 24 October-24 November) is scorpio sign and people with these are fastidious,prefer honesty and they want to explore everything.
A zodiac sign( 22 November-21 December) is sagittarius sign and people with these are independent, generous and optimistic.
A zodiac sign( 22 December-19 January) is Capricorn sign and these people believe what they see and you should don't lie to them.
A zodiac sign( 20 Feb-20 March) is Pisces sign and people with these are faithful and good listener and will be stand by you.
Emoji with cigarette and cross over it represent that smoking is not allowed in that particular area.
This emoji represent a recycling symbol.
Name badge emoji represent for identification.
Emoji with cellphone and with muted sign represent that person is busy with some work says that do not disturb.
The question mark emoji is used when person is asking you for immediate response.
The exclamation mark emoji is used to express a concern and yell to desire for something
The emoji off 100 with two under line shows that person is agree with you totally.


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