Thursday, 19 April 2018

🍎 WhatsApp emoji meaning Eat & Drink Emoji 🍹

WhatsApp Eat & Drink Emoji


The apple is sign of love and also represent engagement.
The pear emoji represent female figure and sign of having  lot of children.
The orange emoji is symbol of fertility and liveliness.
The banana emoji represent a healthy diet and also symbol of fertility.
The watermelon emoji promises a blissful love.
The grapes emoji is sign of good health and announcements of an upcoming new love.
The strawberry emoji is a symbol of willingness to marry and person is in search of partner. It also represent sensuality and sexual pleasure.
The cherry emoji is symbol for self discovery and generally cherry is a forbidden fruit.
The juicy melon is symbol of a lucky love and eroticism. It also interpret bad omen.
The sweet peach is usually sexual symbol and perfect affectionate. It shows eroticism in air and represent women's butt.
The pineapple emoji is a symbol to express joy in life and self awareness.
The tomato emoji is a secret new love symbol.
The eggplant emoji is a male sex symbol and mostly loved and hated on Instagram.
The red chilli emoji is sign of hotness or represent spicy food.
The rice ball with edible seaweed leaves is one of most popular food among Japanese people.
Roasted Sweet potato is a food and during cold weather Japanese people love to eat.
Fist cake with swirl design emoji is synonym of " @ " sign.
The cooked rice bowl emoji represent better living condition and waiting for you to have dinner/lunch.
The lollipop emoji reminds you of your childhood days.
The rice cracker is a very popular snacks in Japan.
The popcorn emoji is used to ask someone for movie or watching movie in cinema or on TV.
The cake represent to wish someone a happy birthday/anniversary/celebration.
The milk bottle emoji represent feeding to a baby.
The orange juice with umbrella at top emoji shows that summer day or person is at beach and enjoying the summer day.
The hot cup tea/coffee emoji shows that person is having tea/coffee or inviting you for same.
The plate with fork and spoon emoji represent the dinner/lunch time.
The pitcher/glass of bear emoji shows celebration time.



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