Tuesday, 17 April 2018

🐢 Whatsapp animal and nature emoji meaning🌺

WhatsApp animal and nature emoji


Monkey covering his mouth with two hands indicates that person is trying to control his/her from saying something inappropriate or bad.
Monkey closing/covering ear with his hands, show that the person don't want to hear something inappropriate, unpleasant or negative which might upset them.
Monkey closing his eyes with both hands shows that the person don't want to see anything bad or cruel. Sometimes it also means person has hide something from you but cot red handed.
A dog face with panting tongue and floppy ears stand for unconditional loyalty and love.
A panda face shows that person is cute and and fluffy like panda.
Hamster with pinky ears and grey orange face symbolise inner peace and contentment.
Side face of horse head stands for inspiring and powerful. As horse is faithful and clever animal.
A lion face is symbolisation of power and rule over his area. A person use this emoji shows that he/she is angry like lion.
A tiger face is symbolisation of uncontrollable power and cattiness.
A smile wolf emoji is symbolise for independence with strong family spirit.
The sweet fledgling hatching from egg stands for cuteness and birth of a baby.
The penguin emoji is sign of life changing sitution and symbolise balance and announce the addition of a family.
The teddy bear emoji says that you are sweet and fabulous.
The laughing emoji of frog stands for fertility,death and rebirth.
The prawns emoji stands for isolation and loneliness and when person uses this it means he/she moves sideways.
The fish emoji stands for uneasy feeling and it also means that person eating fish.
The spider emoji when person use it means he/she wants to annoy you badly as sight of spider is associated with fear and disgust.
 It's fantastic or terrible as dragon is master of all element.
Bees are structured like a social community they have fixed task and contribute towards colony.
The turkey emoji stands for emotional security and proximity to earth.
The dove emoji is symbol of peace all over the world.
The paw print emoji is generally used when person talk something relating to animals.
The bird emoji is symbol for freedom and fantasy.
The evergreen tree is emoji symbol of immortality.
The broad lifted tree emoji stands for a victory life over death.
The four leave clover emoji person uses when they wish you a luck.
The fluttering leave in wind emoji is sign of personal misfortune or disappointement.
The tulip is Harbinger of spring often it is posted as courtesy. It shows as awaking of nature.
The red rose is sign of love and romance. It usually send on valentine day.
The emoji of rice panicle wealth, happiness and prosperity.
The colourful bouquet is used as thanks giving and also meant to express acknowledgement and congratulations.
The hibiscus flower emoji is symbolise for wealth and power.
The bright pink flower emoji symbolise Beauty and transience.
The full moon emoji promises you happiness in any situation and circumstances. It also wish you a success.
The first quarter moon emoji symbolise misery in love and marriage. It also shows that you have reached your goal.
The last quarter moon emoji symbolise one own chances in growing and success in love will increase.
The smiling full moon face emoji is symbol of wholeness and magical power. It shows to happiness and wish you a success.
The new full moon with face symbolise creepy and eeri.
The sun shining emoji is says that new day has come and shine brightly and shows satisfaction for new day.
The cresent moon emoji indicates the end of a day or journey says good night.
The white medium star emoji is symbol of protection and accompaniment.
The sun with rays emoji shows energy on earth and warm as a sunny day.
The fire emoji is used as a compliment like you are hot as volcano.
The blowing wind from face is symbol for creative things.
The tornado emoji shows danger or project and plan might fail and their may be disappointments.
Single drop of rain is sign of drizzle and rain.
The rainbow emoji is symbol for new hope and happiness and also signifies peace.
The wave emoji is symbol of the power of life or person is surfing and swimming in the sea.
The atmosphere is cloudy and heavy rain fall.
This emoji shows that cloudy and  raining with sunny atmosphere.



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